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Our guided mountain bike tour offers an exciting and challenging experience for cycling enthusiasts.    Led by our experienced guides, you will get to explore beautiful and scenic areas on a bike specially designed for mountain biking. You'll get to test your skills on technical trails and climb up and down steep slopes while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. All our tours are adapted to your level and include equipment and safety equipment. So if you're looking for a memorable and adrenaline-filled experience, book your place on our guided mountain bike tour today!   [leaflet-map !scrollwheel fitbounds=0 width=100% height=650px zoom=12 zoomcontrol=1 addresses="Karlstad" ] [leaflet-scale] [leaflet-gpx src="" weight=8 color=orange] {name} [/leaflet-gpx] [leaflet-gpx src="" weight=8 color=red] {name} [/leaflet-gpx]
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